Menus pg 5 3-9-17

Woodstock public schools
Monday: Cheeseburgers, fruit. Tuesday: Meatball grinders, carrots, fruit. Wednesday: Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit. Thursday: Chef salad, cookies, fruit. Friday: Pizza, cucumber cup, fruit.
Pomfret Community
Monday: Meatballs, pasta, green beans, veggie cups, fresh fruit or fruit cups. Tuesday: Baked chicken or chicken strips, carrots/veggie cups, fresh fruit or fruit cups. Wednesday: French toast sticks, turkey sausage links, hash browns, veggie cups, orange juice or fruit. Thursday: Mr. Fox's pizza, veggie cups, fresh fruit or fruit cups. Friday: Beef tacos, beans, veggie cups.
Putnam Elementary/Middle
Monday: Cheese ravioli, marinara sauce, broccoli. Tuesday: Hot dogs, baked bans, cole slaw. Wednesday: Grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato sup, Goldfish crackers carrots with hummus. Thursday: Popcorn chicken potato bowls. Friday: Putnam Special Pizza, salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, special St. Patty's Day "Treat."
Putnam High
Monday: Homemade chicken pot pies or spicy chicken sandwiches, broccoli. Tuesday: Pasta with meatsauce or bacon cheeseburgers, carrots. Wednesday: Chicken potato bowls or buffalo chicken wraps, corn. Thursday: Tex Mex tacos or Cobb salad. Friday: Putnam Pizza or fish and chip dinner.
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