Quest pg 11 8-2-18


Top, left to right: Madeline Frechette, Aris Roane, Lillian Frechette. Gary Powell and Brian Card. Courtesy photos.

PUTNAM — Master Mike Bogdanski and Master Kristin Duethorn of Quest Martial Arts and their students recently attended the New England Tang Soo Do championships. They became one of the most winning schools participating.  Schools from New England and New York were in attendance.
Alex Boligan, 2nd weapons, 3rd forms
Nicholas Boligan, 2nd forms, 3rd sparring
Matt Card, 2nd weapons
Brian Card, 3rd weapons, 3rd forms
Stone, 2nd sparring, 2nd weapons, 3rd form
Keenan Lamontagne, 3rd weapons
Gerald Lamontagne, 3rd weapons, 2nd forms, 2nd sparring
Greg Martinez, 1st weapons, 1st forms, 3rd sparring
Elkinson, 2nd forms, 2nd weapons, 3rd sparring
Morgan Potter, 1st forms, 2nd weapons, 3rd sparring
Jen Frechette, 1st spar, 1st weapons, 1st forms
Madelyn Frechette, 3rd weapons, 2nd Sparring
Lilly Frechette, 1st Sparring, 1st Forms.


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