School pg 11 9-6-18

Category: Current Issue

WOODSTOCK — The Woodstock Academy completed upgrades to the school’s emergency plans and procedures at its north and south campuses. Many of these initiatives were made possible through the support of gifts and grants.
Many of the exterior and interior doors on both campuses were replaced with more secure doors that are compatible with The Academy’s key fob system.
One of the most notable changes on campus is the new sidewalk, sign, and retaining wall that welcomes guests to North Campus on the corner of Cemetery Hill Road and Academy Road. Carving away part of the hill and extending the sidewalk will make it safer for students to get on and off buses and has improved visibility for drivers, especially during the busiest times of the school day.
A safe environment means more than a secure campus with armed guards, it also means being a community where students trust each other, teachers, staff, and other adults on campus. This includes mental health support from on-campus, full-time social workers, and school psychologist.
The Woodstock Academy is fortunate to have many staff members with experience and expertise in security. This led members of The Woodstock Academy campus safety team to organize and host a school safety conference this July. More than100 law enforcement officers, emergency responders, and education professionals attended from all over New England. Academy staff members were able to share their knowledge base while also learning from guest speakers.