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The Yale Quiet Corner Initiative recently held a demonstration in the Yale-Myers Forest of the old way to do logging and milling. More photos on page 6. Courtesy photo.

captions, page 1:

Local residents Sam Rich and Denis Day demonstrate the old ways of logging and milling at a recent Yale Quiet Corner Initiative program in the Yale-Myers Forest.

Logging came to the northeastern corner of Connecticut — but not the modern day version.
Recently the Yale’s Quiet Corner Initiative hosted demonstrations of the old way.
The Initiative is based out of the Yale School Forests part of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.
The demonstrations were held at the Yale-Myers Forest, a 7,800-acre forest in northeastern Connecticut.
Jessica Wikle, forest management fellow and Quiet Corner Initiative manager, said the demonstration is one of many research seminars, film screenings and workshops that the initiative hosts.
She said the purpose of the workshop was to give people an idea of what logging operations can look like on a smaller scale or with a non-traditional approach. The secondary purpose was to bring people together for a community event on a cold winter day.
She said Sam Rich of We-Li-Kit in Pomfret demonstrated the process of skidding logs using draft horse power instead of machine power.
Denis Day, another landowner in the Quiet Corner region, demonstrated how to use a portable sawmill to saw logs into boards after they are pulled out of the woods.

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