Student pg 12 5-9-19

Student wins art award
THOMPSON — Senior Tien “Thomas” Huynh of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, was recently honored by the Connecticut Art Education Association at the annual Connecticut Regional Scholastic Art Awards.
Thomas received a Gold key for his painting “Sweetness Kills.” He also received a portfolio scholarship in the amount of $20,000 per year to the Hartford Art School.
Thomas explained his artwork: “Fake words, plain compliments. Gradually, the ‘sweetness,’ bursting out from mouths, dips the world in word-based toxicants. The ‘sweetness’ poisons relationships and traps one’s mind in the incurable hallucination. Burying them in pride and the ambiguous, yet dominant, thoughts that they are perfect, so trying to improve is unnecessary. By utilizing darker shades of green and pink, my intention is to establish the feeling of danger and hazard that the object suffered from, caused by ‘sweetness.’ The opposition in lighting brings the focus point to the candy wrappers which represent the ‘sweetness,’ as if someone discovered the death of the pitiful victim who was poisoned in “sweetness.”
The replication of the crime scene is a reminder for every one of us that ‘sweetness kills.’”


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