Quest pg 9 7-3-19

PUTNAM — Students from the New England, New York and Pennsylvania came together to compete in the New England Tang Soo Do championships in Old Saybrook. Here are the results from the Quest Martial Arts Competition team.
Alexis Elkinson – 2nd in Sparring
Alie Wesler- 2nd in Weapons
David May- 1st in Weapons, 3rd in Sparring
Jennifer Frechette- 1st in Sparring, 4th in Weapons
Aris Roane 1st in Weapons, Forms and Sparring
Anthony Buckner  1st in Sparring, 2nd in Forms , 2nd in Weapons
Ricky Grendell – 3rd in Forms
Emma Chryzanowski-2nd sparring, 4th weapons, 4th forms
Lilian Frechette- 1st in Forms, 3rd in Sparring
Maddie Frechette- 2nd in Sparring, 2nd in Weapons
Alisa Libby- 2nd in Sparring
Vincenzo  Dimiglio -2nd in Forms
Kai Teed- 1st in Forms
Brian Card – 2nd in Weapons, 1st in Forms, 1st in Sparring
Ian Stone- 1st in Sparring


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