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Pond Lowered
Crystal Pond was lowered to help with repairs around the pond and at Crystal Pond Park. Courtesy photo.

Park takes
step up
EASTFORD/WOODSTOCK — The Crystal Pond Park once again benefited from its talented commission members who stepped up to help renovate the park.
Crystal Pond Park Commission Chairman Chris Mayhew said, “We are also fortunate to have talented commission members who have once again stepped up to renovate another building at Crystal Pond Park.  The boat house, which houses kayaks and other water equipment has been recently painted and refurbished for future use.”
He added the structure sits near the Erickson Cove. This time of year, with the water level reduced, visitors can now walk almost completely around the cove.
Each year the Crystal Pond water level is lowered to accommodate local property owners around the lake the opportunity to work on walls, docks and other structures that would not be accessible if water level remained high.
Mayhew added the process also lessens the chance for damage to docks and walls from the enormous power of ice.
This year is unique as there will be work completed on the Crystal Pond Dam to shore things up for years to come.  Therefore the water level will be lowered more than usual. Mayhew said that gives Crystal Pond Park the opportunity to work on walls and the dock for the upcoming season.  It also provides an opportunity for local citizens to view different structures that are around the lake. 
As bids continue to arrive, a final decision will be made soon to hire a logging company to complete an approved timber harvest on 50 acres of the park property.  Weather permitting, this process will take place in December and January when the ground is frozen.  This work will not impact any areas near the disc golf course or near any of the buildings.
Mayhew said, “We are excited for this to take place, as the removal of dangerous trees will create a safe location for hiking and other activities.”
The past season was a good one. With funds raised through rentals, the park has been able to replace all lighting in the dining hall and kitchen with LED light fixtures.  With other funds the commission also plans on hard wiring in a generator and complete renovations to the maintenance building.  There have been numerous weddings and other activities at the park this year, and with four weddings already on the calendar for 2020, the park will see more improvements. 


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