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In a temporary culture of social distancing never has there been a more appropriate time to engage in binge watching.
Binge watching is watching multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession.  There are many advantages to binge watching in that it promotes dopamine in the brain and can make you, temporarily, feel better, but there are also some disadvantages associated with this practice. You may feel disappointment and sadness at the conclusion of the series or angst and impatience in having to wait for the next season to begin (or even be filmed).
Perhaps the biggest disadvantage in binge watching is that it can disrupt sleep by activating an already restless mind as you settle into bed. Whatever it is, experts say, I will take the approach, as always, that my opinion rests squarely on the recommendation to ‘binge watch away’ and I will use the remaining space to discuss binge-worthy shows that can help keep you emotionally connected as you socially distance.
— REALITY TV: Reality TV is based in competition, typically, so any seasonal series should provide a finite conclusion.  Shows like Survivor or The Amazing Race will take you to exotic locations, make you dream about the vacation you were forced to cancel or reschedule and will invoke your emotional sensors regarding fair gameplay tactics and empathy or anger or intrigue or, in the best cases, the “AHHHA! Take that, YOU creepy person!” moments wherein your least favorite character gets eliminated because we all know people we wish we could vote off the island. If you want to feel better about the fact that you need to socially distance yourself from others, watch any of The Real Housewives.
— DRAMA SERIES: Typically, I would recommend a Grey’s Anatomy or The Walking Dead because they both offer never-ending options filled with seasons of deep personal intrigue and situations, highlighted with intense excitement and sprinkled with tragedy, however, given this current climate, I would rather recommend a series like The Crown, since it is steeped in history and depicts leadership and solutions, which can enhance a mood.
— COMEDY SERIES: Despite the uncertainty and gravity of the current situation, there are days and moments when a good belly laugh is invaluably therapeutic.  For this reason alone, I would recommend binge watching at least one, if not several, of a good comedy series.  Some of my favorites are Friends, Cheers or The Office.  Classics like I Love Lucy or Taxi are also fine choices.  Whatever made you laugh yesterday, last year or even 20 years ago, might make you laugh today and the under 30 minutes nature of the show is ideal for you to say “Just one more episode…”
Personally, I am ever appreciative of being able to continue to connect with you and wish you all continued safety and health and strength.  Safe! & Sound!
Kathy Naumann, possessor of NATURALLY curly hair and the understanding that you can’t control everything!


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