Police pg 4 3-26-20

Category: Current Issue

The following charges were listed in the Putnam Police Department logs.  The people charged are innocent until proven guilty in court. The Town Crier will publish dispositions of cases at the request of the accused. The dispositions must be accompanied by the proper documentation. The Putnam Police Department confidential Tip Line is 860-963-0000.
March 16: Mallory Kunz, 30, Wilkinson St., Putnam; operating under the influence, evading responsibilities, operating without a license.
Morgan Heald, 50, Roosevelt Street, Putnam; creating a public disturbance.
March 19: George Long, 18, Hill Road, Thompson; disorderly conduct.
Lauren Briere, 30, Liberty Highway, Putnam; failure to obey traffic signal.
March 20: Justin Olsen, 37, Cook Hill Road, Danielson; disorderly conduct, fourth-degree sexual assault.
March 21:Laquan Matthews, 28, Marshall Street, Putnam; creating a public disturbance.