This is the 75th anniversary of the birth of Wonder Woman. CBS Sunday Morning had a segment about her birth that speaks to the need for a rebirth in our current society. Wonder Woman was created as a female super hero who was a pacifist that would fight for our democracy and break out of the chains that were suppressing equal rights for women. Her super powers were love, truth and beauty. Wonder Woman would never allow herself to be marginalized. She would not excuse verbal and physical assault as being locker room behavior.  She would never support legislation that would deny women’s healthcare benefits. She could never turn her back on the needs of others no matter what their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or country of origin. She would promote strategies that would allow our planet to survive for our children and grandchildren and beyond. She would support education for the future of our children. Wonder Woman’s creation was definitely a metaphor for the emergence of women as a force.
Seventy-five years later and in the spirit of Wonder Woman, a growing number of powerful women in the northeast corner have formed a “huddle,” a small group of people who are holding an informal conversation. A group of more than 100 women (and growing) have emerged from their huddle to form Quiet Corner Shouts.  The group envisions what a more equitable, safer and freer world could look like in the future and is focused on working to achieve that goal. 
There is safety in numbers and inspiration in sharing real and accurate news and activism.  Many in the group were inspired by participation in the Women’s Marchs in January and possess a great desire to keep the momentum going for the sake of women, our children, our male peers and the survival of our democratic republic.  Northeastern Connecticut residents will begin to see the passion of our activism, as we desire to educate our communities and to support legislation and candidates who are action-oriented, positive, compassionate and inclusive.  
Quiet Corner Shouts is associated with the national movement, and will connect with all of the “Huddles” emerging from the current political climate of exclusion and divisiveness. 
Group members said they imagine that we may receive responses to our group that include the usual put downs, but our hope is to have productive exchanges with those with opposing viewpoints. The goal is to develop a climate of understanding and common goals. 
Quiet Corner Shouts meets monthly and is open to all like-minded individuals who have the super powers of love, truth and beauty.  For more information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through our Facebook page, Quiet Corner Shouts.
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