starts reval
on west
side of town
PUTNAM — The Town of Putnam will start its next property revaluation May 14. It will run through the summer.
Angela Sanchez, tax assessor said: “We have contracted with Tyler Technologies to assist the assessor’s office with the state-mandated revaluation of property for Oct. 1, 2019. The new values will be reflected in tax bills issued July 1, 2020. When we conducted our last reval, 50 percent of the properties were visited for inspection. For this cycle, the remainder will be inspected.”
Sanchez said the data collection inspections will begin on the west side of town, including the following streets: Gary School Rd, Harrisville Rd, Kelsie’s Way, Mantup Rd, Modock Rd, Peake Brook Rd, Pomfret St., Quinebaug Ave, Richmond Rd, River Rd, Sabin St., Senexet Rd, St. James Pl, Town Farm Rd, Underwood Rd, West Thompson Rd, Woodstock Ave, West Woodstock Ave.
For questions, call the assessor’s office at 860-963-6800, ext. 171.
For an inspection, you can expect staff, who will be carrying identification and an introduction letter, to verify the data specific to your property: room count, type of heating system, bathroom count, etc. They will also be measuring the exterior of your property as well as any outbuildings. They will not be collecting any information on personal property and will be unable to answer any questions about the upcoming value or taxes.
Tyler Technologies staff and identifying information: David Boast, driving a black Chevy Impala, RI plate 361-880; Monique Newcomb driving a black Toyota Prius, CT plate 250-WRJ.

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