POMFRET — Students honored at the Rectory School Spring Academic Awards assembly include:
8th-Grade Newspaper Award : Natalie Perkins ‘19, Stonington; 8th-Grade Chorus Award: Rongyue (Tom) Sun ‘19, China; 8th-Grade Drama Award: Brooke Zahansky ‘19, Pomfret Center; 8th-Grade Instrumental Award: Inselbag Lee ‘19, South Korea; Academic and Effort Honors, Academic average of 95-100 and Effort average of 1-1.4: Meredith Bergendahl ‘20, Pomfret Center, Jonathan Chen ‘20, Quincy, MA, Olivia Chima-Anyanka ‘19, Newark, NJ, James D’Alleva-Bochain ‘20, Hampton, Maxtin Sergius Hart ‘21, Pomfret Center, Fufei (Fiona) Jiang ‘20, China, Justin Medeiros ‘20, Douglas, MA, Yi Ru (Christine) Qian ‘19, China, Zhen (Isabella) Wei ‘19, China, Ziqian (Alice) Xiao ‘20, China, Shurui (Julia) Zhao ‘21, China.
Academic Honors, Academic average of 95-100: Sangwook (Alex) Ahn ‘19, South Korea, Liyang (Christina) Bao ‘19, China, Maya Bullied ‘20, Pomfret Center, Miles Burrello ‘20, Ashford, Yufan (Jerry) Chen ‘20, China, Yuanqin (Albert) Dai ‘19, China, Xinyang (Kitty) Feng ‘20, China, Justin Fermin ‘20, New York, NY, Aleena Jafar-DeCesare ‘20, Woodstock, Taeeon Kong ‘19, South Korea, Wenling (Dolan) Kou ‘19, China, Inselbag Lee ‘19, South Korea, Kuan (David) Liu ‘19, China, Jirath (Bart) Lojanarungsiri ‘20, Thailand, Rongyue (Tom) Sung ‘19, China, Adam Tillinghast ‘20, Danielson, Jonathan Wang ‘19, Boston, Yun Jia (Jasmine) Wang ‘19, China, Yuting (Tina) Wang ‘19, China, Meilin (Celina) Zhao ‘21, China
Effort Honors, Effort average of 1-1.4: Yuno Yamakawa ‘20, Honolulu, Hawaii.
 6th-Grade Reading Challenge: Shurui (Julia) Zhao ‘21, China (7,389 pages), Audrey Byun ‘21, South Korea (5,714 pages)
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Lewis Prize for Greatest Gains in Language Skills: Addisyn Herdic ‘21, Lebanon
Section Awards
A section award goes to one member of each class section. Classroom teachers nominate a student from each class section that they teach.
5-1: Katherine Ritzau ‘22, Danielson, CT - For your tremendous maturity and focus on your studies; your consistent effort, your desire to learn, and your love of reading.
5-2: Tsz Cheung (Shawn) Wei ‘22, China - For being a very focused worker, who works harder than anyone in class.
6-a: Carson Ames ‘21, Pomfret Center, CT - For consistently being on task, asking questions, and always being dependable.
6-b: Shurui (Julia) Zhao ‘21, China - For your dedication to your studies and submitting beautifully completed assignments; for your curiosity, for being hardworking, kind, and thoughtful. A true pleasure to teach.
6-c: Seung Yeon (Audrey) Byun ‘21, South Korea - For your very high English skills, your great effort, and amazing desire to learn. For being an avid reader and working hard in math all year.
7-1a: James D’Alleva-Bochain ‘20, Hampton, CT - For showing great understanding and having a consistent work ethic; James shows a depth of understanding and a desire for knowledge that makes everyone around him (peers and teachers alike) better.
7-1b: Maya Bullied ‘20, Pomfret Center, CT - For your tenacious effort and desire to learn; for bringing joy to the class.
7-2a: Yi (James) Jiao ‘20, China - For being a hard worker and showing great improvement across all skill sets.
7-2b: Ziqian (Alice) Xiao ‘20, China - For being a unique student: eager to learn, passionate about math, very bright, motivated, and intuitive. For your strong personal drive and positive attitude.
8-1a: Zhen (Isabella) Wei ‘19, China - For being warm and friendly, for caring for others, and for always striving for excellence and achieving it!
8-1b: Olivia China-Anyanka ‘19, Newark, NJ - For being a respected and proficient student who is inquisitive, helpful, playful and considerate of her peers.
8-2a: Emma Hayden ‘19, Pomfret Center, CT - For working hard all year, asking for clarification, and for your perseverance, especially in math and Spanish.
Emilia Gutierrez Pinto ‘19, Mexico - For your consistently strong effort, your high-quality work, and insightful comments in class discussions.
8-2b: Rongyue (Tom) Sun ‘19, China - For your consistently high-quality work, your strong effort, and your desire to succeed.
8-2c: Yuanqin (Albert) Dai ‘19, China - For your diligence and excellence in all classes; and for your commitment to improvement in academics.
8-3: Caleb Williams ‘19, Valley Cottage, NY - For always engaging in class conversations, for being patient, respectful, and helpful to other classmates.
Karin Saunders’ Award:  Wenling (Dolan) Kou ‘19, China
CREED Awards
These recipients best embody the Rectory School Creed, which espouses Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Compassion.: Katherine Ritzau ‘22, Danielson,; Maxtin Hart ‘21, Pomfret Center; Umu Diallo ‘20, Newark, NJ; Ziqian (Alice) Xiao ‘20, China; John Hazen White, Sr. ‘28 Cup
Awarded to the rising 9th-grade student who “best exemplifies those human characteristics Mr. White so greatly admired including community service, responsibility, self-sufficiency, passion, ethical leadership, and moral courage.” Zhen (Isabella) Wei ‘19, China


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