Sometimes in life, you are able to witness or be a part of a moment, movement or experience that is unique; indelibly impacting the path forward.
The year of 2020 is one of these moments that will forever be ingrained in all of those who were lucky enough to make it through. Beyond just a global pandemic, 2020 brought raging wildfires in California, massive widespread unemployment punctuated by a royal couple who actually quit their cushy job, one of the most divisive and contentious presidential elections ever and a long overdue movement for racial equality.
More than anything, 2020 tested our resolve as a nation, as an employer and as a friend…  Rather than offer my personal reflection on a year which seems more appropriate as a call for action rather than a marking of time, I will, instead, offer a collection of words or phrases which may, perhaps, better describe 2020.
Sanitize.  Quarantine.  Socially distance.  Do I have my face mask?  Wash my hands.  Zoom.  Get dressed?  Social gathering limits.  Remote learning.   Remote teaching.  Work from home.   Home repairs.  Closet organization.  Toilet paper.  Hand sanitizer.  Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter.  Debates.  Fake news.  Twitter and Facebook fact checking?  Too close to call.  Lockdowns.   Postponed weddings.  Intimate weddings.  Zoom weddings.  Outdoor dining.  Curbside pickup.  Amazon.  Online learning.  Home offices.  Global warming.  Borders closed.  Stimulus package.  Stock market crash/recovery/record high/record low.  Recession.  Impeachment.  Political stress.  Essential workers.  Hospitalizations.  Death tolls.  Nursing homes.  Drive-by celebrations.  Drive-in movies.  Political rallies.  Reverse parades.  Protests.  Restaurants.  Bars.  Unemployment.  Loved ones.  Grocery store shopping.  One-way aisles.  Capacity limits.  New York City.  Isolation.  Murder hornets!  Supreme Court justices.  COVID-19.  Coronavirus.  Corona Beer.  Beer.  Wine.  Alcohol.  Drinking with friends on Zoom.  Drinking alone before Zoom.  Too much drinking! Essential businesses.  Race for a vaccine.  Vaccine rollout.  Family time.  TV binge watching.  Netflix.  Cyber hacking.  Zoom book clubs.  Leggings.  Pajamas.  Self-haircuts.   Going gray.  No makeup.  Home cooking.  Home snacking.  Home cleaning.  Stay home.   Space exploration.  Jupiter and Saturn alignment.  Rocket launches.  No sports.  No graduations.  No PROM!  No college boarding.  Monolith?  Political mudslinging.  Record pet adoptions.  RVing.  Outdoor recreation.  Reduced emissions.  Wildfires.  Record number of storms.  Record number of cases.  Record number of deaths.  Recognition and thankfulness to hospital workers.  Appreciation for quality family time.  PPE supplies.  Scammers.  Giving back.  Test positive.  Test negative.  Paper towels.  Meat prices.  Fresh produce?  Home gardens.  Crafting.  Disney Plus.  Reopening guidelines.  Angry people.  Kind people.  Tired people.  Millennials giving birth to Coronials.  Cancelled appointments.  Cancelled vacations.  Cancelled Olympics.  Cancelled Broadway.  Cancelled film productions.  Cancelled everything!   Next time.   Next month?   Next year… Can’t wait to hug.  Can’t wait until I see you in person.  Can’t wait to travel.  Can’t wait for normal.   Can’t wait…
Hope.  Hope.    
Kathy Naumann, possessor of NATURALLY curly hair and the understanding that you can’t control everything!


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