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Anyone with seasonal allergies can understand how challenging the last few weeks have been: In particular, last week in general. With dry conditions, warm summer breezes and blooming trees, the yellow coat of pollen found its way into the open windows, onto furniture and up allergy sufferer’s noses.
Even those with no allergies were bothered with a tickle, cough and unexpected sneeze.  For myself; it’s been annoying but as watery and itchy as my eyes have been, I know that others have it worse and so I can get by with having a tissue at the ready and a bucket of cough drops on hand.
And despite the warmer than average temperatures and tree remnant filled air, I have been able to maintain my outdoor activities, including my quiet walks.  However, there is always one particular day during the spring allergies that I seem to suffer more than any other with a bit of a nagging headache, cough and constant stream of water coming from my eyes (and nose).  This year, this day happened to coincide with an outdoor temperature of near 90 degrees.  Given that I am trying desperately to maintain an exercise schedule, I figured I could power through and take my walk (around 11:45 am) anyway …
Even though I was hot, itchy and could barely keep my eyes open, I stuffed my pockets with a handful of tissues, one cough drop and my Chapstick, heading outside for my trek.  Since I am on a very brief hiatus in between classes, a leisurely 2-mile walk before lunch seemed like an ideal thing to do, but I will admit that laying on the couch in my cool house and catching up on a Real Housewives show was equally appealing. Alas, I decided that if I walked, resting with an afternoon show could be my reward.  As soon as I turned out of my driveway, I had a sneezing attack: Yet, I pressed on. About 3 minutes later I happened upon my favorite tree, beautifully illuminated by the sun’s seeping rays: And so, I stopped and took several pictures.  Another few minutes later, my phone rang: I answered it, walking and chatting.  At this point, I was already 3 tissues in and began to consider turning around. I hadn’t even gone a half mile…
And just as I was wrestling with my own conscience, I turned the shaded corner and noticed our turkey family ahead.  He was standing in the middle of the road all puffed out and slowly turning from side to side so she could see his every fabulous angle.  She was close to him and taking in every part of his maleness with the anticipation that soon (I could only imagine) She would raise their glorious babies.  He had been chasing her for weeks and it seemed like success was finally imminent.  I didn’t want to disturb them and since they were in the middle of the road, I promptly turned around and headed back home. After all, who was I to interfere with nature’s mating moments…  Excuses. Excuses.
Kathy Naumann, possessor of NATURALLY curly hair and the understanding that you can’t control everything!


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