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Fiber-optic Wire
Frontier Fiber Internet fiber-optic wire was being installed in East Putnam Jan. 9. The wire is being "lashed" onto the bottom wire of the sets of the wires that run between telephone poles. Linda Lemmon photo.

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R&R Broadband LLC is installing fiber-optic internet cable for Frontier. Linda Lemmon photo.

Putnam is
‘wired up’
By Linda Lemmon
Town Crier Editor
PUTNAM — Frontier Communications wasted no time.
Trucks from R&R Broadband LLC of East Hampton were in East Putnam Jan. 9, stringing fiber-optic wire for the Frontier Fiber Internet.
The network is a wired fiber-optic infrastructure project; it is not a 5G wireless project, according to a press release from Frontier Communications.
Workers started by attaching the fiber-optic wire to the bottom wire on a telephone pole. The wire was then walked forward by a worker on the street. Above him  a worker in a bucket truck attached a device that hangs above the lowest wire on the sets of wires running between telephone poles and the truck he’s in moves forward, at his command, while the device appears to wrap a thin wire around the new wire and the lowest wire running between the telephone poles, “tying” them together.
When the installers get to the next telephone pole, the lowest wire on the telephone pole and the new fiber-optic wire appear to be attached to each other by hand. Then on to the next pole and the next.
They move pretty quick. Like a well-oiled machine.
When the fiber optic wires are installed, Frontier, who hired the installer, inspects the work and then it is energized.
The senior construction manager for Frontier could not be reached for comment on how long it would be before the service is energized.
Frontier, in its initial notification to the town, said it had to” secure local permits; locate other utilities to avoid impacting their facilities; create a path for the network and set up connection points to bring fiber to customers; and conduct technical and engineering work in their central office facilities and on the network itself.”
Also in its notification Frontier said it “now offers internet service as fast as 2 gigabit per second, allowing consumers to upload videos and files up to 50 times faster than the broadband service offered by cable companies in Connecticut. That means more people in the same household can enjoy great speeds at the same time, while working from home, home schooling, streaming, or just surfing the web.”


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