legals pg 2 5-25-23

Legal Notice
Town of Pomfret
Town of Pomfret Planning
& Zoning Commission
 At the May 17, 2023, meeting of the Pomfret Planning & Zoning Commission, the following legal action(s) was taken:
1.Planning & Zoning Commission, 5 Haven Road, text amendment to allow the retail sale of medical and/or adult use of cannabis via special permit in the following districts:  Village District (V); Village District II (V-II); Business Village District (BV); and Rural Commercial District (RC).
A. Allow the cultivation, production, and manufacturing of cannabis be limited to the following district via special permit:  Commercial Business District (CB).
B.Remove the limited moratorium in Section 2.3.5; and,
C.Addition of new definitions in Section 22 associated with cannabis.
Text amendment was APPROVED with the following changes:  regarding Section 12.26.2, in the CB District, there must be a distance of at least 1,000 feet from a school/church, and such facility will have a solid, non-opaque roof.
Dated at Pomfret,
May 22, 2023
Lynn L. Krajewski,
Planning & Zoning Commission
May 24, 2023


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