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More Trees
The Putnam Rotary Club is planning a second round of tree planting. Last year Rotarians taking part included: left to right: Paul Pikora, , Jeff Rawson, past president John Miller, Jay Sinha and Rick Place. Story starts on page 2. Courtesy photo.

PUTNAM — The Putnam Rotary Club recently completed its first Tree Planting Project and is planning a second one for the 2019-2020 year.
The club purchased saplings and offered them to towns that the Putnam Rotary Club covers: Woodstock, Putnam, Pomfret and Thompson. Richard Naumann, the Putnam Rotary Club’s current president, spearheaded the effort. He said the club spent $420 for 2-foot tall saplings. The funds were taken out of the club’s surplus fund.
Recently the club membership approved spending up to $500 this year to get more trees for the surrounding area.
In Woodstock the plantings are at the Woodstock Common (in front of the Woodstock Academy), 2 Chinquapin Oaks, 1 American Elm; Palmer Arboretum, 2 Chinquapin Oaks, 1 American Elm, 2 American Chestnuts; Plaine Hill Road    5 Chinquapin Oaks, 4 American Elm, 4 American Chestnuts.
In Thompson the plantings are at Riverside Drive, just north of Thompson Housing Authority and include 7 Chinquapin Oaks, 6 American Elm, 5 American Chestnuts.
In Putnam the plantings will be planted along the Putnam River Walk and include 7 Chinquapin Oaks, 6 American Elm, 5 American Chestnuts.
In Pomfret Center the plantings are at the Pomfret Audubon Society on Day Road and include 7 Chinquapin Oaks, 6 American Elm, 5 American Chestnuts.
This year the town of Eastford will be added to the list, he said.
Naumann said that the original idea came from the Rotary Club’s world president.
He added that these particular trees were chosen because they are native to the area and the trees replace those affected by blights.
All trees have been named in honor of both past and present and as more trees are planted, more former Rotarians’ names will be added.. Name plates will be placed on the trees after they mature.
Some of the past and present Rotarians of the Putnam Club include:
Stephen Adams, Joseph Adiletta, Leon Archambault, Marc Archambault, Keith Aubin, Jayne Battye, Maurice Beaulac, Lawrence and Arlene Bellerose, Peter Benoit, Raymond Brousseau, Pamela Brown, Jennifer Brytowski, Elizabeth Buzalski, James Byrnes, Frederick Chmura, Rande Chmura, Ronald Coderre, Gerard     Cotnoir, Marcy Dawley, Paul Dery, Henry Doughty, Joyce Duff, Cynthia Dunne, Cheryl Fogg, Robert Fournier, Richard and Suzanne Franklin, Eric Gould, Robert Halloran, Deborah Hoft, Rachael Johnston, Amanda Kelly, Nelson G. King, Russell King Donald King, Betti Kuszaj, Brendan Larkin, Renee Lasko, Linda Lemmon, Richard Loomis, Shawn McNerney, Melissa Meyers, Anne Miller, John Miller, Albert B. Morgan, Andrew Morrison, Latham Morse, Kathy Naumann, Richard Naumann, John O’Brien, Gary W. Osbrey, Karen Osbrey, Leonard Partridge, Dana Peloso, Scott Pempek, Joseph Pempek, Paul Pikora, Richard Place, Douglas Porter, Charles Puffer, Jeffrey Rawson, Roberta Rocchetti, Christopher Sandford, Malcolm Schumann, Jay Sinha, Jonathan Sturdevant, Jonathan Tremblay, Christopher Vaillencourt, Gerry Vaillant, Douglas Valentine, Delpha Very, Joseph Wade, Elizabeth Williams, Kristen Willis, Audrey Witkowski.


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