Lock your cars
PUTNAM — Advice from Christopher D. Ferace, chief of the Putnam Police Department, was “lock your vehicles and take valuables out of view.”
The advice comes after the Putnam Police Department responded to several auto burglaries which occurred during the previous overnight hours in various residential areas in the Special Services District. There was no forced entry into any of the vehicles — the vehicles had been left unlocked.
The Putnam Police Department is reminding residents to always lock your vehicles and remove your keys and other valuables from view inside of your vehicle or just take them into your home.  “These were crimes of opportunity and I cannot stress enough, if your take away the opportunity by locking your vehicles and removing your keys and other valuables, you will certainly reduce the chance of being victimized,” said Ferace.
Anyone who has information or may have witnessed suspicious activity in their neighborhood overnight Sept. 14 and 15 is encouraged to contact Sgt. Niko Sezenias at the Putnam Police Department at (860)928-6565, use the anonymous tip line (860)963-0000 or email www.putnampolice.com and message us in the contacts drop down box.


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