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Teeing Off
Davis Simpson tees off on the fifth hole at the Foster Country Club. Rich Garceau photo.


Junior Kyle Brennan remembers the 2019 boys’ golf season at The Woodstock Academy.
He is one of the few. “It’s a very new, very young team. It does not look like my freshman year at all. There are a lot of new guys,” Brennan said.
Two years ago, Brennan got to play in about half of the varsity matches for the Centaurs as he had to wait his turn behind the likes of Mason Stewart, Owen Borski, Robert Maheu, Jake Starr and Liam McDermott.
None of them were on the course last week when the Centaurs opened the season against Plainfield at the Foster Country Club in Rhode Island.
“It’s probably the newest feeling I’ve had since I took the team over 17 years ago,” said Woodstock Academy coach Rich Garceau. “That can be a little scary, a little daunting, but, at the same time; I have a fresh slate, a clean canvas to work with. It’s a lot of young guys and what’s really nice, they seem to want to learn.”
They certainly have had the opportunity to play. Golf was one of the few recreational activities allowed, even during lockdown due to the pandemic.
 “I actually played a lot since there was nothing else to do,” Brennan said. “I was just trying to work on my game and get better for this season.” His focus has been on his short game, his putting and chipping.
Garceau said that’s probably a good area for the junior to concentrate on. “He can hit the ball as far as anyone I’ve ever had out here hit the ball. As we all know, that’s great, but you score when you get on and around the green. He’s been great. Even after we’re done, he stays and practices his chipping and putting. He’s willing to put in the work and I think he will be a great team leader for us,” Garceau said.
Brennan was just that against the Panthers when he shot a career-best 38 to lead the Centaurs to a 7-0 season-opening win.
Two other juniors, Chris Thibault and John Armstrong, will join Brennan on the varsity roster.
Sophomores Curtis Lefebvre, Anthony Listro, Davis Simpson and Adam Thompson and freshman Don Sousa comprise the remainder of the team.
“I think I have some raw talent, I might put a capital letter on the word ‘raw’,” Garceau said. “Since they are so young, I want to make sure that they have fun and are relaxed.”
Relaxed is also a key word. Playing golf is difficult. Playing golf with your coach, teammates, opponents and maybe a parent or two watching, it’s even tougher.
“Some of these guys have never played in a match before. They are definitely going to be nervous on that first tee. I was,” Brennan said.
It didn’t seem to bother Thibault and Simpson too much in the first match.
Thibault shot a 48, Simpson was a stroke behind him.
The two have experience in other sports. Thibault plays hockey and looks like a “diamond in the rough” on the course according to Garceau who likes his competitive spirit.

“Davis (an alpine skier for the Centaurs) has a nice swing and he is young. I think he will work out and probably round out the top three. After that, there is a big question mark sitting on top of my head right now,” Garceau said.
Marc Allard
Director of Sports Information
The Woodstock Academy


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