NECASA pg 3 10-5-17

Northeast Communities Against Substance Abuse (NECASA) is seeking nominations for two regional awards. Nomination forms may be accessed on-line from the NECASA website at Nominations are due by Nov. 1.
The Volunteer with Youth Award is given to a volunteer over the age of 18 whom works with youth in their community.  The Volunteer with Youth Award is now a regional award for the entire twenty-one town Northeast Connecticut region. Beginning in 1993, the award was started to encourage and recognize people for their outstanding work with youth.  Solid adult role models for young people are found to be one of the greatest preventive measures which a community can use to alleviate negative behaviors in children. For many years the award was given to an individual or couple from each town in the region, but funding has limited the award to a regional award the past few years. Over the years, coaches from different sports, church youth leaders, scout leaders and school volunteers have been recognized for their outstanding volunteerism.
The Nilan Award is named after Judith Nilan, the social worker at Woodstock Middle School who was murdered in 2005. Judy Nilan was an outstanding individual and NECASA worked with her to help bring programming and speakers to the Woodstock Middle School to benefit the students. After her death, NECASA dedicated the award to her and the first award was given in 2006 to her husband Jon Baker and her children. The Nilan Award recognizes one outstanding school social worker, psychologist, principal, teacher or other school personnel in the region for their dedication and commitment to their student’s wellbeing.
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