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PUTNAM — Two Putnam High School awards ceremonies with 31 athletes winning awards and 59 scholarships awarded.
At the annual Award and Scholarship night 59 scholarships totaling over $119,900 were awarded to 38 students.
William Hull, Putnam Superintendent said, “These events are a highlight of the year, where we get to highlight our terrific students. What makes these evenings extra special is the number of alumni that come back to the high school community and contribute.  Both evenings could not take place without these wonderful alumni.  Our alumni are constantly giving back to the district and helping our students. I would also like to thank all the organizations and families for their generosity and support for our students. On behalf of the entire Putnam community and Putnam Public Schools, I would also like to congratulate all the recipients. ”
Valedictorian Award: Tyler Eddy; Salutatorian Award: Madison Toutant
The Putnam Police Union Howard T. Babbitt/Donald Morrison Memorial Scholarship:  Aidan Bernier
American Legion Post 13 Scholarships:  Cole Davagian, Tyler Eddy
American Legion District 4 Scholarship:  Cole Davagian
The Walter “Sarge” Amprimo Scholarship:  Maggie McKeon
Aspinock Historical Award in Honor of Gertrude Warner: Tyler Eddy
The Leo A. and Rita Bernier Memorial Scholarship:  Devin McCaughey
Steve Bousquet Memorial Scholarships in association with The Congregational Church of Putnam:  Chelsea Minaya-Torres, Adriana Santos Bravo
The Community Service Scholarship: Katy Maryanov
The Francis Curran ’24 Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Blackmar
E. Catherine Deary Memorial Scholarship:  Chelsea Minaya-Torres
The Gov. John N. Dempsey Memorial Scholarship: Adriana Santos Bravo
The Susan McNally Everson Memorial Scholarship: Tyler Eddy
Lucy M. Farrows Memorial Scholarship:  Sebastian Ramos
John W. Gahan and Beatrice Delaney Scholarships: Morgan Blackmar, Cole Davagian, Maggie McKeon, Adriana Santos Bravo, Mariah Travisano
Gasiorek Family Scholarships: Jordan Alexander, Jewelia England, Adriana Santos Bravo, Madison Toutant
Jeffrey Greene Memorial Scholarship:  Mariah Travisano
Coach James Greenhalgh Memorial Scholarship:  Sebastian Ramos
The Bill Hildebrandt Memorial Scholarship:  Mya Meadows
Irish American Club of Putnam Scholarships: Maggie McKeon, Mya Meadows
Italian American Society Scholarship:  Michael DiColella
Connie Johnson Scholarship:  Dorian Frias
Abbie Keith English Essay Award in Remembrance of D. Allen Hall, PHS 1940 Graduate:  Madison Toutant
The Dr. Rudolph E. Klare Memorial Scholarships: Tyler Eddy, Cole Davagian
The Knights of Columbus Dr. Robert. R. Johnston Memorial Scholarship: Katy Maryanov
Nathan Lavine Awards:  Sebastian Ramos, Lauren Blackmar
The Luke Leaders Scholarship: Jane Vongvirath
Gilbert E. Morse Memorial Scholarship:  Sebastian Ramos
Moving Forward Scholarship: Michael DiColella
National Honor Society Scholarship: Tyler Eddy
The Bonnie L. Perron Memorial Scholarships:  Lauren Deery, Cole Davagian
Dr. Brenda L. Picard Memorial Scholarships: Violet Khoshtariya, Katy Maryanov
The Casimir Pulaski Memorial Scholarship: Katy Maryanov
Putnam Administration Association Scholarship: Violet Khoshtariya
PHS Athletic Alumni Association Scholarship in Memory of Steve Bousquet: Maggie McKeon PHS Athletic Alumni Association Scholarship in Memory of Gerry Vaillant:  Lauren Blackmar PHS Athletic Alumni Association Scholarship in Memory of Wayne Correa: Michael DiColella PHS Class of ’91 Annual Scholarship:  Eryka Kittrell
PHS Class of 2013 Scholarship:  Michael DiColella
Putnam Education Association Scholarships: Kira Fontaine, Kaitlin Slivkoff-Zamora, Mariah Travisano
Putnam Fire Department Scholarships: Kobie Bates, Megan Shippee, Mackenzie Blackwell Putnam Lions Club Memorial Scholarships: Chelsea Minaya-Torres, Adriana Santos Bravo Putnam Music Association Academic Scholarships:  Kira Fontaine, Troy Davis
PHS Student Council Scholarships:  Maggie McKeon, Adriana Santos Bravo
QRS Compassion Scholarship: Lauren Deery
QVR Rotaract Club Scholarships:  Chelsea Minaya-Torres, Adriana Santos Bravo
Susan T. Rogers Memorial Poetry Award: Jenna Tatro
Ray and Vi Brousseau Putnam Rotary Scholarships:  Parker Sessums, Madison Toutant, Michael DiColella, Morgan Blackmar, Lauren Blackmar
Putnam Rotary Scholarships:  Angelina Gould, Kaitlin Slivkoff-Zamora, Jane Vongvirath, Kayla Anderson
Dr. Paula Scraba - Sports, Leisure and Exercise Sciences Award: Tyler Eddy
Scraba Family Memorial Award: Violet Khoshtariya
James Sylvia Baseball Scholarship:  Cole Davagian
The Ella Jane Thayer Memorial Scholarships: Kylye-Annmarie Kupiec, Alexa Steinbrick
Frank H. Thornton Memorial Award: Michael DiColella
The Charles L. Torrey Memorial Scholarship: Hunter Touchette
Steven & Marjolaine ’87, ’88 Townsend Fine Arts Scholarship:  Autumn Grimshaw
Steven & Marjolaine ’87, ’88 Townsend Putnam High School Scholarships: Emily Cournoyer, Megan Shippee
Steven & Marjolaine ’87, ’88 Townsend Scholar’s Full Scholarship: Jeffrey Reed
VFW Post 1523 Auxiliary of Putnam Top Highest Average US History Award: Madison Toutant
VFW Post 1523 Auxiliary of Putnam 2nd Highest Average US History Awards: Katy Maryanov, Mariah Travisano
Kevin Waters Scholarship: Kira Fontaine
At the 65th Annual Putnam High School Alumni Athletic Association Banquet 31 athletes from 15 sports teams received awards. 
The PHSAAA Awards include:
Baseball Outstanding Performer (Paul Fall Award), Colby Livingston; Baseball Unsung Award, Zack Belleville; Basketball cheerleading Outstanding Performer, James Lazarou; Basketball Cheerleading Unsung Hero Award, Lexie Latendresse; Basketball Male Outstanding Performer (William Simonzi Award), Sebastian Ramos; Basketball Unsung Hero Award, Colby Livingston; Basketball Female Outstanding Performer, Kayleigh Lyons; Basketball Female Unsung Hero Award, Lauren Blackmar; Football Cheerleading Outstanding Performer, Kaylyn Daigneault; Football Cheerleading Unsung Hero Award, Emma Fisk; Football Outstanding Back (Peter Caplette Award), Sebastian Ramos; Football Outstanding Lineman Award (Frank Wallen Award), Anthony Navedo; Football Unsung Hero Award (Omer Valade Award), Sam Williams; Football MVP Award, Jeff Reed; Golf Outstanding Performer (Jeffrey P. Jankot Award), Mike DiCollela; Soccer Male Outstanding Performer, Hunter Touchette; Soccer Male Unsung Hero, Kobie Bates; Soccer Female Outstanding Performer, Laylah Chavez; Softball Outstanding Performer, Jillian Gray; Softball Unsung Hero Award, Lauren Blackmar; Unified Sports Team Award, Christian Yorz; Volleyball Outstanding Performer, Kaitlin Zamora Slitkoff; Volleyball Unsung Hero Award, Adrian Santos Bravo; Cross Country Male MVP, Ethan Gardner; Track Male Outstanding Performer (Paul J. Bourgeois Award), Michael Ionkin; field Male Outstanding Performer (George St. Marie Award), Connor Vassar; Track and field Male Unsung Hero Award, Hunter Roberts; Track Female Outstanding Performer, Emma Rudman; Field Female Outstanding Performer, Mariah Travisano; Track and Field Female Unsung Hero, Alexa Steinbrick; Gymnastics Outstanding Performer, Maggie McKeon; Male Athlete of the Year, Sebastian Ramos; Female Athlete of the Year, Kayleigh Lyons.


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