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There are often daily experiences in life which can, when you really think about it, find relevance and applicability in more meaningful social issues.
For example, one of my favorite moisturizing lotions comes in a larger pump bottle, with a rather wide-mouthed opening, comparatively speaking, to other moisturizing pump bottles.  I like the wider opening because it dispenses more lotion onto my hand, requiring fewer pumps when I use it.  What I don’t like about the pump is that the wider opening often leaves behind a small clump of lotion which builds up and becomes hard and sticky, often mixing in with the fresh lotion I pump out, hours later,  on the next application.  For anyone who uses a pump dispenser, you know exactly what I am referring to in this description of the frequent, excess, dried-up lotion glob.  Unfortunately, I have not yet found the best way in which to deal with this lotion dispensing issue…
Initially, I tried to recycle this glob and reuse it, working hard to appropriately smush and schmeer it onto my skin or hands.  Sometimes, the glob would be just soft enough to effectively mix in with the other creamy lotion, but most times, I would either have to really press or rub hard, causing a potential bruise, or I would inadvertently miss the location of the glob and think that I blended it appropriately only to discover it later at a very inopportune time.  It can be slightly embarrassing when someone points out something growing on your forearm and you have to apologize saying “Oh no. I’m fine, that’s just my lotion glob that I didn’t rub in enough.”  More frequently, however, I try to carefully remove the glob and discard it, but using (or wasting) an entire tissue to place the glob in, seems doubly wasteful, so I’ve started schmeering it onto the back of the bottle until it really hardens and then I can flick it into the trash.  Of course, this makes my lotion bottle look somewhat gross so now I just schmeer it into the trash, hoping that I can find a clean edge of a dirty tissue.  All of this effort in dealing with the extra glob of lotion is starting to stress me out as I wish I could go back to a simpler time of just pumping fresh lotion whenever I need it, effectively and efficiently getting the job of moisturizing done without a wasteful residual.  
In the end, my fatigue in trying to find use for or discard this excremental glob, forced me to seriously consider switching lotion brands; which I did; to one that is slightly more expensive but has a smaller opening; causing me to pump a bit more frequently, but, overall, use less.
Win! Win!
Kathy Naumann, possessor of NATURALLY curly hair and the understanding that you can’t control everything!


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