Woodstock public schools
Monday: Hot dogs, fruit. Tuesday: Pizza, corn, fruit. Wednesday: Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, beets, fruit. Thursday: Pasta, meatballs, carrots, fruit. Friday: Chef salad, fruit.
Pomfret Community
Monday: Grilled cheese sandwiches, carrot snacks, fruit. Tuesday: Chicken patties on rolls, fruit. Wednesday: French toast sticks, turkey sausages, hash browns, veggie cups, Teddy Grahams. Thursday: Pizza, broccoli, veggie cups, fruit. Friday: American Chop Suey, green beans, fruit, frozen dessert.
Putnam Elementary/Middle
Monday: Hot dogs, cole slaw. Tuesday: Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn. Wednesday: Pasta with meatsauce, roasted vegetables. Thursday: Chicken sandwiches, salad. Friday -- Elementary: Putnam Special Pizza, salad. Middle: Homemade calzones.
Putnam High
Monday: Hot dogs. Tuesday: Chicken Parmigiana, broccoli. Wednesday: Beef tacos, Spanish rice with black beans, Mexicali corn. Thursday: Lasagna, roasted vegetables. Friday: Stuffed-crust pizza, salad.
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