Given recent setbacks of increased Coronavirus cases, it seems like the adjustments and rescheduling of our social plans must continue.  I am extremely thankful that I am not, like millions of others, in need of postponing or rescheduling, or even cancelling, a big wedding celebration, but if I am being perfectly honest, the consistent cancellation and postponement of my travel plans is starting to disappoint me.
There once was a long period in my life wherein daily requirements rendered me unable to venture away for any type of travel adventure and so … I had to invent my own.  Walking to the mailbox became an adventure in weather navigation and admiration.  A grocery store trip was a passport for exotic flavors.  And a hike through the grass usually ended with a scenic picnic on the driveway.
Ironically today, despite having the financial and emotional freedom to travel, I am finding that I am, once again, needing to be creative in my adventure itineraries.
When it rains, I find the open window which is not letting in the water and open it even wider.  I stand and watch the rain coming down, listening to the soothing sound it makes as it hits the leaves, and I imagine that I am watching a beautiful waterfall in a lush and tropical setting.  And when the lightening warns that a thunderous boom is to follow, I wonder if I will be forced to continue this adventure in my simple shelter, free of any electrically charged distractions.  When it is unbearably hot outside, I concede to the air conditioning and run around closing all of my windows, imagining myself as a happy tenant of a country villa rental, making sure that I keep all of the flower and vegetable gardens watered.  And when the heat ultimately overwhelms my desire to do anything at all, I settle into the comfy couch on my cool porch and watch the hummingbirds buzz in and out, drinking every last drop of their highly charged food and close my eyes for a relaxing nap.
Having to stay home and stay put is forcing me to, once again, find interest and beauty in what is immediately surrounding me.
I have always thought that I was lucky to live where I live, but I am discovering a renewed sense of appreciation for all that I can see and experience just outside my windows.  Out my front windows, I have enjoyed rural farming adventures in watching the local farmer plant his crop of corn.  Out my back windows, I have enjoyed safari adventures in watching my cat sit perfectly still for hours, in wait of the perfect time to pounce on the busy rabbits and birds.
And when I notice out my kitchen window that the sun is beginning to make its way behind the very distant tree line, I grab myself a nice glass of wine and take a seat in my Adirondack chair on my patio and simply wait and watch.
Kathy Naumann, possessor of NATURALLY curly hair and the understanding that you can’t control everything!


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