Luciana Guimaraes is happy. Very happy.
The Putnam Science Academy girls’ soccer star recently announced that she will attend St. Louis Community College next year on a full scholarship. She said that back in her native Brazil, she would have never had the chance.
“I am so happy because in Brazil, we don’t go to college to play sports,” she said. “It is only academic. We don’t have the opportunity to play. So I’m happy PSA has given me this opportunity to go to college and get my education, but also to play the game that I love so much.”
Guimaraes, 19, scored three goals and helped the Mustangs to a 7-1 record in 2019, which was the program’s first season. The pandemic postponed the 2020 season, tentatively into the spring of this year.
The Mustangs will have a new coaching staff for their next game, but Guimaraes’ former coach knows the Archers are getting a talented player.
“Lu is a player you can tell has played a lot of futsal,” said Jen Bennett. “The ball sticks to her foot as she moves. Her ability to keep possession of the ball while moving with pressure on her is a pretty thing to watch … unless you’re going up against it. She will make a great addition to the team.
“She is a tough player, she’s not afraid to get dirty. She’s a great kid on and off the field and I really enjoyed coaching her and spending time off the field listening to her stories.”
Guimaraes, whose best position is in the back, said she is nervous about going to St. Louis, another place she is committing to sight unseen. But it will help to have former PSA teammate and best friend Karol Sousa at the school as well.
“That makes me happy too,” she said. “And I know once I get there and get out on the field and play, everything will be good. This is just the best opportunity for me to improve my studies and my game. And it is better for my family because it is a full scholarship.
“My mom told me that if this is what I wanted, then she would be there and support me all the way. The work I did here, life has given me something back. I’m really happy, and my family is very proud of me. That makes me feel very good about what will be coming when I am there. I know I keep saying it, but I am so happy.”
Stephen Nalbandian
Sports Information Director
Putnam Science Academy


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