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Coyote program
set for Jan. 21
POMFRET — The Connecticut Audubon Society at Pomfret will present Paul Colburn, a master wildlife conservationist with a program about “Eastern Coyotes in Connecticut,” at 1 p.m. Jan. 21 at the Connecticut Audubon Society (CAS) Center at Pomfret on Day Road. CAS, $5; $10 for nonmembers. No charge for children 12 and under. For info and reservations: 860-928-4948;
His presentation will focus on the history of coyotes in Connecticut, their habitat, diet, behaviors, and reproduction. He will suggest practical recommendations for peaceful coexistence with our state’s coyote population. He will also talk about coydogs, coywolves, and wolves. He will bring coyote artifacts to share with the audience.
Coyotes are present on CAS properties in both Pomfret and Hampton. According to Andy Rzeznikiewicz, Bafflin and Trail Wood sanctuaries land manager,  “While livestock and pet owners sometimes come into conflict with them, coyotes are a valuable part of the ecosystem, helping keep rodent and other prey populations under control.”


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