dkh pg 1 1-19-23

    Day Kimball Hospital has revised its visitor policy due to an uptick of COVID.
    Visitor Restrictions:
    Visitors will be expected to wear a mask (no cloth masks) the entire time they are in the facilities.
    All visitors will be over the age of 18;     For Med/Surg and ICU/Tele, two visitors at a time between noon and 8 p.m. will be permitted;      In the Emergency Department, two visitors per patient are permitted, preferably one at a time, but this may be changed to both visitors at the same time at the discretion of the clinical staff;   COVID-positive patients or PUIs (ED, ICU or Med/Surg) can now have one visitor per day or ED visit for 15 minutes. The visitor needs to sign a consent form and wear a KN95 mask and appropriate PPE. The nursing staff on the unit will be expected to explain the use of KN95 and PPE along with getting their signature on the consent form. The time and length of the visit may be changed at the discretion of the clinical staff.
   As in the past, exceptions made for patients who are at end-of-life; Exceptions continue to be considered for all individuals with developmental, physical, mental and/or other disabilities/challenges; The MCH visitor police has been changed to two support persons/coaches for the mother/baby hospital stay.


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