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When it is cold outside, I like to wear socks inside. Yet I do not prefer to wear slipper socks or socks with a sticky bottom as I find these types of socks make my feet too warm and then I am waging a tug of war in trying to make my feet cooler.
Rather, around the house, I like to wear my typical everyday socks. And because I have more floor surface that is hardwood as opposed to carpet, I like to tuck my feet into a cozy pair of slippers when I walk around. However just when I think I have the right amount of foot coverage to foot warmth ratio, Amazon comes or someone needs me to talk outside or in the barn and so, I trapse outside with my slippers on. Given that I live in New England where there is a high probability of getting snow or ice in the winter, a soft soled pair of slippers (indoor slippers) do not provide enough warmth and protection for these occasions. Therefore, I buy slippers that have more sturdy soles (outdoor slippers) and keep them near the door. But, alas, life never seems to go exactly as we anticipate it …
As much as I have appropriate slippers for my sock-covered feet, inevitably, I either can’t find my outdoor slippers near the door when I need to pop outside because I left them near the back door or on the porch, and so, I go outside with my indoor slippers on. Further, some mornings, I leave my indoor slippers upstairs near my bed, and choose to leave my outdoor slippers on rather than stepping on a wet and chilly floor with my socks. This bothers me the most because even though they are slippers, wearing any shoes outdoors when there is dirt and melted snow or ice on the walkway leads to the likelihood of bringing the dirt and melted snow or ice into the house. And if my indoor slippers aren’t handy, by the time I have retrieved them, my socks are soaked!
In attempting to solve my slipper-wearing dilemma, I have a hybrid-pair. These slippers are perfect for wearing around the house as well as providing just the right amount of foot protection when I need to pop outside to retrieve a package or unplug Christmas lights. However, as any hybrid owner will admit to I typically test the boundaries of these slippers in their ability to work effectively in both environments. They work well but all too often, I forget where I left them ... My house is starting to resemble a second-hand slipper store.
Last year, I considered that my slipper dilemma may not be slipper-related at all. Perhaps I just needed a good pair of clogs to easily slip into when I had to quickly go outside. I would never consider wearing an outdoor designated shoe inside, and, therefore, my inherent action would be to immediately take off these durable and warm, clog-type of shoes. So, I purchased a pair that came highly recommended for both their ease in putting them on as well as their warmth and foot protection. The soles are strong but on the ice and snow or any smooth surface for that matter they are, ironically,
Slippery! Slippery!      
Kathy Naumann, possessor of NATURALLY curly hair and the understanding that you can’t control everything!


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