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Trash Numbers Close to Target

By Linda Lemmon
Town Crier Editor
PUTNAM — Even with the drastically shortened deadline for taking part in the upcoming trash program, the program is right where it should be.
Town Administrator Elaine Sistare said “this seems to be working out.”
After the March 15 deadline, the only “opting” will be to opt out of the Casella Waste trash program that starts July 1.
The original program, for about eligible 2,200 residences:
— If you do nothing you have just signed up by default and you will be getting a 95-gallon trash bin and a 95-gallon recycle bin. (cost $395 per year)
— You can opt out of the 95-gallon trash can for a 65-gallon trash bin and the 95-gallon recycle bin (cost: $350 per year)
— You can opt out of the program and find your own private trash company. You need to opt out if you already have your own private trash hauler.
— You must receive both a trash bin and the 95-gallon recycle bin.
The town required those who wanted to opt for a 65-gallon bin instead of a 95-gallon trash bin to do so by March 15. Those who wanted to had opted out and changed their minds also had until March 15 to opt back in.  Now eligible residents may only opt out.
The deadline was moved to March 15 because the 65-gallon bins are a custom size and Casella Waste needed six weeks to order them.
Sistare said based on the processing the town did over the weekend, the town has hit about 86 percent of the numbers needed for the user fees to cover the cost of the contract with Casella Waste. That percentage will have to be tweaked since a higher-than-anticipated number of residents opted for the 65-gallon bin (at $45 less a year).
The expense to the town is $950,000 (and that includes the Casella Waste program, as well as recycles, bulky, incineration, etc.). The town is looking for $900,000 if 90 percent of those eligible are on the program.
Some 530 65-gallon bins were “opted for”. She said those who might want a 65-gallon bin in the future will have to wait for leftovers/adjustments in the program – which is unlikely.
Sistare said she was “kinda surprised” at the number of residents who opted for the 65-gallon bin. She added many two-families opted for two 65-gallon bins.
The town anticipates bin delivery may start the last week in April and the first week in May. Residents will continue using the stickers on bags in the new bins until July 1 when the program is officially activated and the stickers are a no-go.
The trash bill will be separate, in the same envelope as your tax bill. Like your taxes, half the payment is due by Aug. 1 and the other half Feb. 1.
If the trash bill payment is not received by Aug. 1 Casella will not take the trash and will come back for the bins. That will result in adjustments to the numbers.
For opting out/info. The town’s website on the program is:
You may also opt out by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
In addition, there are forms in the Putnam Tax Collector’s, the Town Clerk’s and in the Town Administrator/Mayor’s office.


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