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Classic Cars at Westview
The Yankee Yesteryear Car Club took over the front lawn of Westview Health Care Center in Dayville June 23 for an afternoon filled with fun, sun and ice cream.  Over a dozen cars and trucks parked upon the lawn as members of the car club, visitors, patients and residents of Westview mingled and admired the wide array of automobiles from yore including a Model T that appeared in the movie, “Live By Night” starring Ben Affleck. Musician, Pete Sargent, also strolled the grounds dressed in traditional Scottish garb, and serenaded the crowd with the unmistakable sounds of his bagpipe. The club’s theme for their visit was the Ice Cream Tour. “Late Westview resident, Mary Chmura, initiated the Ice Cream Tour many years ago,” said Gary Arcand, Yankee Yesteryear Car Club member.  “This visit was our tribute to her.  Her and her husband, Arthur, were actually some of the original members of the club.”  “We’re extremely grateful to the Yankee Yesteryear Car Club for joining us at Westview today and hosting this event,” said David T. Panteleakos, administrator.   “It’s a wonderful thing to have these impressive relics adorn our grounds on a summer afternoon for all of our residents and patients to enjoy.” Courtesy photo.
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