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More than 100 Korea-era and Vietnam-era veterans were honored March 25. U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs Commission Roland Welch and Mayor Barney Seney are at the front. More photos on Wed. night on our FB page: Putnam Town Crier & Northeast Ledger. Linda Lemmon photo.

Thanks Long Overdue for Veterans

By Linda Lemmon
Town Crier Editor
PUTNAM — “We’ll never be able to thank you enough. You should have heard those words when you returned but you never did,” said Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Roland Welch. The program, titled: "Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, Welch and Mayor Barney Seney Present the Putnam Korean-era and Vietnam-era Veterans Awards Ceremony" March 25, more than 100 local veterans were honored.
And one speaker after another thanked both era veterans for their service and sacrifice — long overdue.
Welch said he’s done about 32 of these ceremonies. He talked about how he “played war” when he was a child and listened to his Uncle Bob’s stories about his service in Korea. “I served because of my Uncle Bob and every one of you,” he said. “You were my mentors.” Welch went from private to general – no small feat, according to Seney.
Speaker U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, too, said the 113 veterans honored there “not only served our country but served as role models.” He thanked the veterans for their service. “This is really an inspiring ceremony. I am honored to be here.”
Seney said as a Vietnam vet he saw “what it was like to lose people and what we saw when we got home.”
Both Welch and Blumenthal talked about all the services available and expanded services in the future. Welch said some 120,000 veterans have taken their own lives since 9-11. “This is unacceptable.”
The attending veterans (and families) were honored with a Certificate of Appreciation from the town of Putnam, an Official Statement of Recognition from Bysiewicz, and a Certificate of Special Recognition from Senator Blumenthal. Vietnam vets were also given a lapel pin by Welch. Putnam Economic and Community Development Director Mary Ann Chinatti helped organize the ceremony.
Those honored Vietnam/Korean War Veterans
William Anger, Vietnam, USAF, E-5, Staff Sgt.; Edward Artiaco, Vietnam, USN, E-5; Kenneth Asting, Vietnam, USAF, Sgt.; Maurice Auger, Vietnam, USAF, E-5; Stephen Banks, Vietnam, USN, GM-3; John Barrett, Vietnam, Army, SP5; Alfred Beland, Vietnam, USAF, E-1; Sergio Berti, Korea, Army, Posthumous - family received; Leo Blain, Vietnam, USMC, Lance Corp.; David Boudreau, Vietnam, USAF, E-4, Sgt.; Gene Brousseau, Vietnam, Army; Garry Brown, Vietnam, Army, E-5; Lawrence Christy, Vietnam, USAF, Sgt.; Robert Clemens, Vietnam, USMC, Lance Corp.; Michael Clements, Vietnam, Army, E-5, Sgt.; Maurice Coderre, Vietnam, USAF, E-4, Airman 1st Cl.; Michael Coderre, Vietnam, USAF, E-5, Staff Sgt.; Ronald Coderre, Vietnam, USAF, A2C; Paul Desautels, Vietnam, USAF; Dennis Donovan, Vietnam, USN, Radioman; Ernest Doucette, Korea and Vietnam, USN, CPO, Posthumous – family received; James Dowd, Vietnam, Army, Sgt., Posthumous – family received; Harvey Duffany Jr., Vietnam, Army, E-5 Sgt.; David Gilbert, Vietnam, USN, E-5; Leo Guedremont, Vietnam, USN, E-5; Albert Heath, Vietnam, Army, E-4; Roland Houle, Vietnam, Army, Posthumous - family received; James Jarboe, Vietnam, USMC, E-3; Alan Joslin, Vietnam, Army; Gordon Kellenberger, Vietnam, USN, E-4; Patrick Kelly, Vietnam, USAF, E-4; Victor Kratz, Vietnam, Army, E-5; Randall Law, Vietnam, USAF, Master Sgt.; Edward Lawrence, Vietnam, Army, E-4 Specialist; Marcel Lussier, Vietnam, USN, GM-2; Richard Malo, Vietnam, Army, E-4 Sgt.; Joseph Margnelli, Vietnam, USN, E-3; Russell Michaud, Vietnam, USMC, E-4; Christine Otten, Vietnam, Army, 1st Lt.; John Pitzschler, Vietnam, Army, E-4 Specialist; Peter Regas, Vietnam, USN, MM3; Joseph Rice Sr., Vietnam, CT Nat’l Guard, E-4; Arthur Rickey, Vietnam, USAF, E-5; Enzo Rossi, Vietnam, USAF; Norman B. Seney Jr., Vietnam, Army, E-4; Alan Sheldon, Vietnam, USAF, E-4, Posthumous - family received; David St. Hilaire, Vietnam, USAF, O-3 -Pilot, Captain; Steven Sullivan, Vietnam, Army, E-5; James Taylor, Vietnam, USN, E-6; Dennis Vanasse, Vietnam, USN, E-3; Kenneth Vassar, Vietnam, Army, E-4; Russell Waters, Vietnam, Army, E-4; James Welsh, Vietnam, USN, OM-2; Lawrence Wood, Vietnam, USN E-6; Paul Zamaites, Vietnam, USCG, E-4.

More photos at the link below
(from Lt. Gov Susan Bysiewiczs officee):

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