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dealership -
starts soon
By Linda Lemmon
Town Crier Editor
EAST PUTNAM — With the demo pretty much finished, can construction be far behind for the Toyota dealership?
The owners of the 13-acre parcel on Rt. 44 are finishing their review of bids for construction, according to sources.
Construction should take about a year.
The intent is to move the Toyota dealership from its McGee home in Dudley to its new home in Putnam. A decision on the dealership property in Dudley has not firmed up yet.  discussed.
The dealership in Putnam will be state-of-the-art and will be a “mega store.” It’s anticipated that the new dealership will sell 300 vehicles a month.
Town officials and McGee officials could not be reached for comment.
In March 2022 Sean and Michael Putnam, LLC purchased the 12-acre parcel just east of the Putnam Parkade. The sale price was $1.335 million, according to town clerk records. In August 2022 Sean and Michael Putnam LLC purchased a 1.1 acre parcel adjacent to the 12-acre parcel for $725,000. The additional parcel would give the developers enough useable land for the dealership. The 12-acre property has a good deal of wetlands.
The demolition of the two houses at the front of the parcel was just completed. Following demolition, a building permit can then be pursued.
Officials  in the town’s building/zoning/land use department had said the developers have all their approvals from the town’s planning and zoning and inland wetlands commissions.


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