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I absolutely and unequivocally love to organize. And I know plenty of other people who also love to organize. They always find just the right place for shoes that are freely kicked off in a mudroom. Cereals are emptied from boxes and placed in large clear containers. Cooking spices are visually arranged with labels facing out so that cooks can easily grab what they need. Clothing is always folded neatly and tucked away in the appropriate drawer.
But this type of organization applies to things. I do not share a similar organization fervor for things. Rather, the type of organizing I love to do is for processes and people.
For many people, organizing an event or a new home build (for example) can feel overwhelming. And it’s not overwhelming because they are unclear about what the order or timeline is of the event or new house build. Most people understand that the floor and walls need to be built before the roof can be added. Rather, it becomes overwhelming because wiring needs to be done before the walls are complete and the floors are finished. Choices for kitchen cabinetry need to be made long before the installation date so that workers are kept busy and construction progress continues. Additionally, there are permitting deadlines and financial payments to organize. If you pay for the entire house construction at the beginning, it may be unlikely that you have a completed house in the end. Not that I am a general contractor, but for me, these are the processes that I love to organize. Primarily because I find that most processes are centered around people.
To be clear, I do not like to organize people because I like to boss them around out of a need to feel in-charge. Rather, I like to organize people simply because I enjoy trying to make an experience or a process more… enjoyable. Several years ago, I was volunteering at an event wherein hundreds (and hundreds) of people showed up early. The organizers were not prepared for the early arrivals and considered that they would not accommodate them, allowing the masses to gather in groups scattered everywhere. I noticed the people becoming angry and decided to unleash my organizational skills. Soon, I was yelling instructions about where the people should gather and within a few minutes, I had managed to enlist the help of the other volunteers so that we could advise the growing crowd, how and where to form a line. And within a few more minutes, the people were standing in a long and windy stream that allowed for the process of checking-in, to then commence. After all, my history of event organization has left me with the full understanding that people don’t just arrive for an event when the event is ready to begin. Rather, they arrive at the time when they are ready to begin the event! Better to be…
Prepared. Prepared
Kathy Naumann, possessor of NATURALLY curly hair and the understanding that you can’t control everything!


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